Prices at The DVD Transfer Company

Prices at The DVD Transfer Company are guaranteed to be cheaper than anything you will find on the High Street no matter where you shop.

We are at least 50% cheaper than anywhere else and the more copies that you purchase the cheaper we get.

If you order:

A single transfer is £10

1 to 12 transfers are £8 per disc

13 transfers cost £100  total

14 transfers cost £101  total

15 transfers cost£102  total

16 transfers cost £103 total

17 transfers cost £104  total

18 transfers cost £105  total

19 transfers cost £106  total

20 transfers or more are just £5.50 each 

Extra copies from any disc is just £5.00 per disc

please note: tapes over 3hrs long will be charged at £1 per hour extra

Audio cassette transfers

£6 per side



prices at the dvd transfer company